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Millions of Americans say their number one worry about living in retirement is that they will run out of money. Having a plan makes a critical difference. In this webinar, learn about different withdrawal strategies, including the 4-percent rule, required minimum distributions (RMDs), and how to decide if you should rollover money into an individual retirement account (IRA) or leave it in your employer-sponsored plan.
Question: My retirement savings and investments are spread between multiple financial institutions. Should I combine them, or are there benefits to keeping things separate? 
Question: I run a family business that my children will inherit. How can I make sure they are financially prepared for this transition? 
I’m interested in investing in artificial intelligence (AI) stocks. What do I need to know to get started?
Mitzi and Steve Deal of Charlotte, North Carolina, like to think of their mountain house as a gift to their family—one that will keep giving for generations.
We all know people who have made less-than-rational investment decisions, like pulling out of the stock market during a downturn or continuing to fund expensive repairs for a battered but beloved car.

No matter how sophisticated their investment knowledge, investors of all kinds are prone to make suboptimal choices, second-guess long-term decisions based on short-term occurrences, and lose sleep over investment portfolios. These are natural and understandable behaviors, but they’re rooted in a faulty assumption: that all dollars have equal value.
For many people, creating a financially secure retirement means years of disciplined saving and meticulous financial planning. Amid visions of leisurely days and newfound freedom, however, it’s easy to underestimate the looming reality of taxes in retirement. To make the most of your accumulated wealth, tax planning should continue long after you stop working.
In 2023, consensus expectations proved wildly incorrect. Most market watchers predicted a recession, but the economy showed resilience instead. Today, a soft landing has become the expected scenario for 2024. But last year’s lessons are still true, and a soft landing is no sure thing.
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