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What really happened to Cinderella after she married Prince Charming? Did she live happily ever after?
Many people can’t wait for retirement. They have visions of playing golf, fly-fishing, reading, volunteering, spending hours with their grandchildren, and engaging in all manner of activities they never had time to do before. But several questions often weigh heavily: Do I have enough money tucked away to make my retirement vision a reality? Or will I end up barely scraping by? Can I afford to continue to live in my current home? Or should I downsize or move to a cheaper area of the country?
In this issue, we explore options for financing a second home, take a look at long-term care costs and the tradeoffs of long-term care insurance, and offer our thoughts on prudent retirement portfolio withdrawal rates.
Estate planning involves much more than deciding who will receive our property after we are gone.
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