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Protect Your Personal Information

Protection of your personal information is an important issue. Recently, we have heard from a client informing us that their employees were receiving suspicious phone calls where scammers tried to “phish” for personal information using the CAPTRUST name. This was done using phone calls and voice messages asking for information regarding retirement plan accounts. Unfortunately these types of fraud attempts are becoming more common in the retirement plan industry. 

CAPTRUST will NEVER contact you asking for personal information such as your Social Security number, user ID’s, or passwords to your accounts. The only time that CAPTRUST will call you directly is if you have personally scheduled an appointment with the CAPTRUST Advice Desk. Our advice desk counselors will never ask you for your Social Security numbers, passwords, or any other information connected directly to accessing your account. 

Please be wary of anyone ever asking you to provide personal information via phone, email, or text. Legitimate businesses will not do that. Please save ONLY the phone numbers below that CAPTRUST uses: 

  • CAPTRUST Advice Desk: 800.967.9948
  • CAPTRUST Toll-Free Line: 800.216.0645
  • CAPTRUST Direct Line: 919.870.6822
  • CAPTRUST Freedom 401k® Call Center: 855.297.9550
  • CAPTRUST Direct Line for Freedom401k® plan participants 248.620.8100

If you receive a call or voicemail asking you for personal information, please contact your human resources department immediately. Do not return the calls or emails.

Have questions? Need help? Call the CAPTRUST Advice Desk at 800.967.9948, or schedule an appointment with a retirement counselor today.