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In this issue, we explore the rising cost of health care in retirement, how long to retain your financial documents, and disability insurance for the self-employed.
In this issue, we examine a diverse set of topics, including bitcoin and blockchain technologies, the benefits and considerations of filing for an income tax extension, and why you might want to consider umbrella liability insurance.
In this issue, we explore several recent changes to Social Security that may affect your benefit planning, best practices for creating an emergency fund for unforeseen expenses, and how to take advantage of healthcare savings accounts, an interesting planning tool with attractive tax benefits.
In the fall issue, we address reader questions about how to make the most out of open enrollment season at work, year-end tax planning, and expectations for the stock and bond markets in the years ahead.
In this summer’s issue of VESTED, we address reader questions about new regulations from the Department of Labor affecting financial advisors, gifting via qualified charitable distributions, and stock market behavior in election years.
In this issue, we explore options for financing a second home, take a look at long-term care costs and the tradeoffs of long-term care insurance, and offer our thoughts on prudent retirement portfolio withdrawal rates.
In this issue, we address reader questions about why (or why not) to pay off your mortgage before retirement, tax treatment of annuities for beneficiaries, and the long-term effects of recent economic weakness in China.
In this issue, we tackle questions from readers looking for higher yields on their cash holdings, insight into the impact of a strong dollar on investment portfolios, and tips to help prevent identity theft.
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